Grouplove: Modern Day Hippies

It’s that time of year again. School is in full swing and work seems to be more depressing than usual. The days blend together and you start to dread any day that ends in the letter y. But don’t fret the cure for this fall slump comes in the form of Grouplove’s debut album “Never Trust a Happy Song.” With upbeat pop-rock songs like “Naked Kids” and “Tongue Tied”, Grouplove shows that the carefree days of summer never go out of style.

With their Beach Boys meet Cage the Elephant sound you wouldn’t assume that this band grew in the cemented jungle that is New York City, but this is exactly where vocalist/guitarist Christian Zucconi and vocalist/keyboardist Hannah Hooper met and hit it off. Hooper found Zucconi so interesting that after a few days Hooper invited him to a summer artist’s residency in Greece. During this artist’s residency Zucconi and Hooper met their future band mates– bassist Andrew Wessen, drummer Ryan Rabin, and guitarist Sean Gadd.  When the residency finally ended, the future band members went their separate ways. They soon found themselves meeting up again in L.A. to record an EP. While recording the EP the group saw the potential in themselves; this led to the formation of Grouplove.

Grouplove is a fun-loving group of indie kids who seem to have eaten way too much sugar. But this didn’t help the fact that I was a bit weary while listening to “Don’t Ever Trust a Happy Song.” But by the end of the album, the weariness had disappeared and I found myself falling quickly in love with this band. The way that the band pairs Hooper’s soft indie voice and Zucconi’s twangy voice against the guitars and drums seems almost hypnotizing.  This especially happened during the fourth track “Colours.” This song is probably one of the more popular songs on the album, and I can see why. Not only is the video pretty awesome and definitely worth checking out, but the song itself gives off a feeling of freedom. By the end of the song I actually found myself contemplating on whether or not I should go find a meadow to run in. With lyrics like “And I run around, round, round, round this town town and act like I don’t care,” how could I not? The album continues with a track called “Slow”, which seems to kill the summer feeling that Grouplove was going for, but it regains its footing with the fifth track, “Naked Kids.” While the album is filled with plenty of variety, there were a couple of very forgettable songs including “Cruel and Beautiful World” and “Betty’s a Bombshell,” which seemed oddly placed among the rest of the songs.

Since their album dropped Grouplove has been on the fast track. They have toured with Foster the People, Florence and the Machine and are headlining on their own tour. This doesn’t comes as a surprise, “Never Trust a Happy Song” was overall an incredible experience  that brought color to what seemed to be a very distant memory of summer and to be honest, I cannot wait to hear more from this band.


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