Just a few minutes ago I came across a trailer for a movie coming out on the 30th of  this month. This movie didn’t catch my attention by showing me cool explosives are out-of-this-world special effects. No, it was none of that. What stood out to me was the skinny boy in wiry glasses and a look of paranoia on his face. No, it’s not Harry Potter. This is a very real young boy who has been a victim of bullying.  This trailer that I’m going on and on about is for a movie called Bully. Now, before I share my very tearful story of my own experience I choose to let the video speak for itself. I also have included a link to the movie’s website where you can find out more about the people behind the movie.

So here it is.


About themarycastro

Journalism student at Florida Gulf Coast University. I'm hoping to find blogs that will not only look at my work but also critique. I have a Twitter account that is dedicated to music and my work. Check it out. Links are at the top of my blog.

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