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So yesterday I was wandering around the awesomeness that is the internet and I cam upon a link on Spin magazine‘s Twitter. This link gives you free music that you can download legally. Yup, you’ve read right. Free music that you can download legally. Not only is the link filled with free music, the music on the free download are bands that are going to be performing at the SxSW music festival in Austin, Texas. So go and check out the link. You may find some new music to blast.




Next Big Thing ’11: My Next Big Adventure.

So in a few days time, I will be heading to Tampa to experience for the second time the festival-like Next Big Thing. Let me give you a bit of background on my experience at NBT.

Last year was my first year ever going to NBT–it was my first time going to a concert at all. As a couple of friends and I waited in line in front of the gates I was becoming anxious. My heart was pumping and I couldn’t keep my hands from shaking. Now, I’m not sure if this was due to nerves or maybe it was because I was functioning on 45 minutes of sleep. What brought me to this point? Well, it was because my all time favorite band, My Chemical Romance, was headlining that year. To keep this story short. The enegry, the nerves, the running to barricade. It was a memory that I’m sure many other concert goers can relate to. This was my first expiernce with crowd surfers, annoying people who thought they were cool enough to attempt to push me off of the barricade. But despite all of that, the cuts and bruises I suffered. It didn’t get any better than watching all of those bands perform. I got a smile from James Black, lead guitarist of Finger Eleven, and let me tell you, at that moment, I felt like there was not one soul cooler than me.

This year I’m counting the days down until I get to feel that rush again. While I have been to a couple of concerts, nothing beats the rush that Tampa Bay’s 97X’s Next Big Thing brings. I hope to give you guys a look into my expirence this year. I aim, as always, for barricade, Wish me Luck!


Cooking Up a Bad Idea?

So I just read on The Daily Swarm that Lady Gaga is going to have a Thanksgiving special. While I’m not an extremely hardcore fan, I will admit that I do have a couple of songs by Lady Gaga on my Ipod. But really? A Thanksgiving special for Lady Gaga? Am I the only one who thinks this is a bad idea?

Lupe Fiasco: Music Saves

I was recently re-introduced to the rapper Lupe Fiasco by one of my friends. Not really having much patience for the Hip Hop genre and its derogatory language towards women, I listen to the song  “Hip-Hop Saved My Life” with huge skepticism. But to my surprise I fell in love with this song. What caught my attention wasn’t Fiasco’s appearance, while it was a change from all the 50 cent that seemed to pop up, but the lyrics.

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