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Just a few minutes ago I came across a trailer for a movie coming out on the 30th of  this month. This movie didn’t catch my attention by showing me cool explosives are out-of-this-world special effects. No, it was none of that. What stood out to me was the skinny boy in wiry glasses and a look of paranoia on his face. No, it’s not Harry Potter. This is a very real young boy who has been a victim of bullying.  This trailer that I’m going on and on about is for a movie called Bully. Now, before I share my very tearful story of my own experience I choose to let the video speak for itself. I also have included a link to the movie’s website where you can find out more about the people behind the movie.

So here it is.


A new found respect for 50 cent.

This will get Foster the People fans really happy.

This is my new article in the Arts and Lifestyle section in FGCU’s Eagle News. I am now an official staff writer and I was able to grab front page of the A&L section. I am beyond happy right now. Go take a peek at the article and tell me what you think. The link is below:



So I watched the Grammy’s last night. Couldn’t be anymore happier for Adele. But the first person that comes to mind when I think about the Grammy’s is Nicki Minaj. I have my own opinions but I would love to hear yours! Leave a comment below.

Any #FGCU students have any really great knock offs of brand name items? If you do contact me. You may end up in Eagle News.


Showing love for Grouplove.

Seeing as I did a review for Grouplove, I feel that I should post a couple of videos displaying their talent. After viewing the video I would highly suggest you go and look them up; maybe go and read my review.

Social Media Assignment

While it does seem to be taking a bit of time to slowly build my audience I feel like I am meeting my goal for the social media assignment. Going into this assignment I think that my thoughts were that I would be gaining a readership in no time. But to my dismay I found that total opposite. I didn’t find people falling head over heels for my pieces and I had to advertise my stories to get people to read them.  Doing this assignment has shown me that I do need to work a lot harder to get an audience.

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So I’m working on an Immersion story and I thought I would post this video to give you guys a bit of background before I post it. Also it’s 18 minutes.


Welcome to my corner of Cyberspace.

This is obviously my WordPress site. My goal for creating this site is not only to pass my class but also to get my work out there. I hope to reach an audience of music lovers. Excuse the very naked appearance of my blog but it will be getting better as I get a handle on all of this new technology. But for right now take a look around and if you’re really curious you can visit my Facebook page and twitter account. Heck, you can go and follow/like. The links are on my about page.

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