Cooking Up a Bad Idea?

So I just read on The Daily Swarm that Lady Gaga is going to have a Thanksgiving special. While I’m not an extremely hardcore fan, I will admit that I do have a couple of songs by Lady Gaga on my Ipod. But really? A Thanksgiving special for Lady Gaga? Am I the only one who thinks this is a bad idea?


Not Your Everyday Field Trip

It’s 3:30 a.m. and I’m facing the old parking lot in front of The Fiesta Supermarket. As I observe the farm workers organize themselves into the four colored buses from my mom’s beat up excursion. I become nervous. I didn’t expect so many buses to be here.

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Lupe Fiasco: Music Saves

I was recently re-introduced to the rapper Lupe Fiasco by one of my friends. Not really having much patience for the Hip Hop genre and its derogatory language towards women, I listen to the song  “Hip-Hop Saved My Life” with huge skepticism. But to my surprise I fell in love with this song. What caught my attention wasn’t Fiasco’s appearance, while it was a change from all the 50 cent that seemed to pop up, but the lyrics.

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Showing love for Grouplove.

Seeing as I did a review for Grouplove, I feel that I should post a couple of videos displaying their talent. After viewing the video I would highly suggest you go and look them up; maybe go and read my review.

Social Media Assignment

While it does seem to be taking a bit of time to slowly build my audience I feel like I am meeting my goal for the social media assignment. Going into this assignment I think that my thoughts were that I would be gaining a readership in no time. But to my dismay I found that total opposite. I didn’t find people falling head over heels for my pieces and I had to advertise my stories to get people to read them.  Doing this assignment has shown me that I do need to work a lot harder to get an audience.

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So I’m working on an Immersion story and I thought I would post this video to give you guys a bit of background before I post it. Also it’s 18 minutes.


Grouplove: Modern Day Hippies

It’s that time of year again. School is in full swing and work seems to be more depressing than usual. The days blend together and you start to dread any day that ends in the letter y. But don’t fret the cure for this fall slump comes in the form of Grouplove’s debut album “Never Trust a Happy Song.” With upbeat pop-rock songs like “Naked Kids” and “Tongue Tied”, Grouplove shows that the carefree days of summer never go out of style.

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A Makeshift Disney World

With November right around the corner excitement begins to creep up on the small town of Immokalee, Florida. Not because of Thanksgiving, the Macy’s Day parade or the Christmas shopping season. There’s something else that is causing this pleasant stir, the week long annual fair.

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Welcome to my corner of Cyberspace.

This is obviously my WordPress site. My goal for creating this site is not only to pass my class but also to get my work out there. I hope to reach an audience of music lovers. Excuse the very naked appearance of my blog but it will be getting better as I get a handle on all of this new technology. But for right now take a look around and if you’re really curious you can visit my Facebook page and twitter account. Heck, you can go and follow/like. The links are on my about page.

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